A-Class pages are comprehensive, intuitive, engaging, well-organized, and, where it would be useful, include excellent supporting material (e.g. examples, images, and exercises). You would enjoy learning from it, and send it to your friends. To reach A-Class pages must receive detailed feedback from both the target audience to make sure it’s a good experience to learn from and reviewers with a strong understanding of the topic.

For higher level audiences asking on Slack is a good way to get feedback, for Math 0 or Math 1 sharing with your friends (in real life of via social media) is a better bet. To get the reviewers attention ask in #reviews on Slack.

A-Class pages are:

  1. Comprehensive and authoritative, covering all areas of the topic without notable omissions or inaccuracies.

  2. Written to an engaging, enjoyable, professional standard.

  3. Well-organized, with useful overall and local structure.

  4. Aimed at an audience, with a level of technicality, jargon, and notation appropriate for them.

  5. Intuitively explained, making use of examples, visual aids, requisites, and anything else which aids reader comprehension.

  6. Very well-summarized, in ways appropriate for all likely audiences.

This tag should only be added by reviewers.

Quality scale