Math 1

A reader at the Math 1 level has enough math­e­mat­i­cal abil­ity to en­com­pass “good at math” in a col­lo­quial sense. They know at least some ba­sic alge­bra, and how to ap­ply alge­braic think­ing to prob­lems in some con­texts. If you threw a sim­ple to mod­er­ate math puz­zle at them, they could prob­a­bly figure out what they were sup­posed to do with­out balk­ing and say­ing “nope, I don’t know how to do this”.

Writ­ing for a Math 1 audience

At this level, you can start to use let­ters to rep­re­sent num­bers as vari­ables and ma­nipu­late them di­rectly.


  • Mathematics

    Math­e­mat­ics is the study of num­bers and other ideal ob­jects that can be de­scribed by ax­ioms.