Arbital quality

Ar­bital’s qual­ity scale is used to track the qual­ity of pages on Ar­bital. To re­quest a re­view ask on Ar­bital Slack (#re­views) or make a com­ment on the page tag­ging @1yq.

Qual­ity tags


Although some of our tags use the same names as Wikipe­dia’s sys­tem and have similar defi­ni­tions, the re­quire­ments are not iden­ti­cal and ed­i­tors from Wikipe­dia should not ex­pect equiv­alence.

Unassessed, Stub, and Start may be used by any­one, C-Class by trusted ed­i­tors, B-Class and A-Class by do­main mod­er­a­tors, and Fea­tured by Team Ar­bital.


  • Proposed A-Class

    Pages which have been pro­posed for A-Class sta­tus.

  • Placeholder

    This is an empty page cre­ated for struc­tural rea­sons (par­ent, req­ui­site, or teaches).