Stub-Class pages are tiny, of­ten a sin­gle para­graph, or a cou­ple of sen­tences. Stubs may have been cre­ated to provide a place­holder for par­ent­ing, tag­ging, or refer­ence pur­poses in a sec­tion un­der con­struc­tion. An ed­i­tor ex­pand­ing a Stub page might start over from scratch.


  • Start, which is a larger page, but still visi­bly in­com­plete or di­s­or­ga­nized.

  • For­mal defi­ni­tion, for brief pages which only con­tain a for­mal defi­ni­tion and don’t try to ex­plain the topic.

Also use the tag Work in progress if the page is be­ing ac­tively ed­ited.

Qual­ity scale