Arbital reviewer

Reviewers have volunteered to help people to improve their pages and monitor the incoming edits, unassessed pages, and submitted pages to ensure all listed pages on Arbital are reliable, informative, and engaging to at least one audience (or tagged /​ TODOed with the things required to bring it to that standard). They have enough domain expertise to know when to ask for a second opinion and a reasonable understanding of when to assign appropriate meta tags, in particular quality tags (Stub/​Start/​C-Class) and when to support or turn down proposals for A-Class and B-Class.

Reviewers approve /​ reject edits and pages submitted to a domain. They’re also responsible for promoting people to trusted editors and suggesting new reviewers.

The reviewers can be found on #reviews on the Arbital Slack, you’re welcome to join and chat to the team or ask for advice on writing and improving pages.

If you’re an active member of the community who is interested in becoming a reviewer, message @1yq on Slack.

Best practices for being a reviewer. Above all, be helpful!