Welcome to Arbital

Arbital is a hybrid blogging and wiki platform. To see what kind of content you can create, take a look at the math and AI alignment sections.

On the blog side, Arbital has a number of features. Most important is the advanced editor, which supports:

  • The usual rich text features.

  • Greenlinks.

  • Probability and agreement claims.

  • Quick asides. noteJust like that.

  • \({\LaTeX}\) with instant preview.

Collapsible sections!

On the wiki side, key features are collaborative editing and page organization. Based on their permissions, multiple users can edit the same page or propose page edits. The pages can be organized in a hierarchy, tagged, and have lenses (similar to TvTropes).

Arbital also has support for comments and moderation. All pages and comments can be liked and subscribed to for receiving notifications about future changes. If you want to understand Arbital better, take a look at all the pages we’ve written up on it, though some of them are out of date.

If this seems like the platform for you, you can start writing now!


Q: What topics can I write about?
Mostly anything. Just don’t be a jerk.

Q: What’s the future of Arbital?
A: We are writing a new version of Arbital. It’s going to be better in many ways and will have most of the features. Once it’s finished, this version will be hosted on a separate website for a bit. Then the content will be migrated to the new platform.


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    Arbital is the place for crowdsourced, intuitive math explanations.