Welcome to Arbital

Ar­bital is a hy­brid blog­ging and wiki plat­form. To see what kind of con­tent you can cre­ate, take a look at the math and AI al­ign­ment sec­tions.

On the blog side, Ar­bital has a num­ber of fea­tures. Most im­por­tant is the ad­vanced ed­i­tor, which sup­ports:

  • The usual rich text features.

  • Green­links.

  • Prob­a­bil­ity and agree­ment claims.

  • Quick asides. noteJust like that.

  • \({\LaTeX}\) with in­stant pre­view.

Col­lapsi­ble sec­tions!

On the wiki side, key fea­tures are col­lab­o­ra­tive edit­ing and page or­ga­ni­za­tion. Based on their per­mis­sions, mul­ti­ple users can edit the same page or pro­pose page ed­its. The pages can be or­ga­nized in a hi­er­ar­chy, tagged, and have lenses (similar to TvTropes).

Ar­bital also has sup­port for com­ments and mod­er­a­tion. All pages and com­ments can be liked and sub­scribed to for re­ceiv­ing no­tifi­ca­tions about fu­ture changes. If you want to un­der­stand Ar­bital bet­ter, take a look at all the pages we’ve writ­ten up on it, though some of them are out of date.

If this seems like the plat­form for you, you can start writ­ing now!


Q: What top­ics can I write about?
Mostly any­thing. Just don’t be a jerk.

Q: What’s the fu­ture of Ar­bital?
A: We are writ­ing a new ver­sion of Ar­bital. It’s go­ing to be bet­ter in many ways and will have most of the fea­tures. Once it’s finished, this ver­sion will be hosted on a sep­a­rate web­site for a bit. Then the con­tent will be mi­grated to the new plat­form.


  • Arbital

    Ar­bital is the place for crowd­sourced, in­tu­itive math ex­pla­na­tions.