Math 0

A reader at the Math 0 level has only a grasp of basic arithmetic and solving problems that employ basic arithmetical concepts. Generally, they will not have any experience with algebra.

There’s no shame in being Math 0! We all started learning at some point, and Arbital aims to provide explanations of important mathematical concepts for readers of all backgrounds, including people at a Math 0 level. Even if you learned math to a Math 1 level in high school and forgot it all afterwards, we’re here to help you remember what you need to know, and understand it better than you did before.

Writing for a Math 0 audience

When writing for readers at a Math 0 level, avoid the use of any variables or special symbols whenever possible, unless you’re introducing the new symbol to them in the first place. Also try to keep article text at a readability level of a seventh or eighth grade student.

Use plenty of images — giving visualizations of what’s going on is a very helpful tool in teaching.

If you’re having a hard time wrangling down the subject to that level of readability, perhaps reconsider the level of your tutorial — the subject might not be accessible to Math 0 readers anyway.


  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is the study of numbers and other ideal objects that can be described by axioms.