Start-Class pages are visi­bly in­com­plete, or need sig­nifi­cant work to be use­ful. This cov­ers pages miss­ing es­sen­tial in­for­ma­tion, pages with­out co­her­ent struc­ture, pages lack­ing sum­maries (or first para­graphs that serve as a sum­mary), pages with suffi­ciently se­vere prose or stylis­tic is­sues, and any other prob­lem that pre­vents pages from be­ing use­ful to read­ers or fit­ting into their do­mains. Start-Class pages have sig­nifi­cant con­tent, but are still in the cat­e­gory “should be seen by ed­i­tors” rather than “should be seen by read­ers.”


  • Stub, for tiny pages con­tain­ing only a para­graph or a cou­ple of sen­tences of text.

  • For­mal defi­ni­tion, for pages which only con­tain a for­mal defi­ni­tion and don’t try to ex­plain the topic.

Also use the tag Work in progress if the page is be­ing ac­tively ed­ited.

Qual­ity scale