Arbital page summaries

Each Ar­bital page can have mul­ti­ple sum­maries. Th­ese sum­maries show up in places where the user needs a quick overview of the con­cept the page is ex­plain­ing: link popovers and in an em­bed­ded vote bar. Mark­down may be used in all sum­maries. Some en­couraged sum­mary types are listed be­low, though pages may work best with a differ­ent set of sum­maries (for ex­am­ple, if the page is about an over­loaded term it should have a sum­mary for each defi­ni­tion).


Brevity is the soul of wit.

This is a short sum­mary for peo­ple who just want a gist of what the page is about. Keep it to a few sen­tences. If the nor­mal sum­mary is short already, this is un­nec­es­sary.


Sum­mary of the page goes here. *Mark­down* is okay!

This is the sum­mary shown by de­fault. It should work for most read­ers. Keep it to one or two para­graphs.

If this sum­mary is not speci­fied, Ar­bital will use the first para­graph in­stead.


Very tech­ni­cal sum­mary. *Mark­down* is okay!

Feel free to use do­main spe­cific jar­gon in this sum­mary. Keep it to one or two para­graphs.

If the page has [3r vot­ing en­abled, and an­other page em­bed this one, this sum­mary will be dis­played. It should clearly state what is be­ing voted on and how the cor­rect an­swer will be de­cided.