Arbital page summaries

Each Arbital page can have multiple summaries. These summaries show up in places where the user needs a quick overview of the concept the page is explaining: link popovers and in an embedded vote bar. Markdown may be used in all summaries. Some encouraged summary types are listed below, though pages may work best with a different set of summaries (for example, if the page is about an overloaded term it should have a summary for each definition).


Brevity is the soul of wit.

This is a short summary for people who just want a gist of what the page is about. Keep it to a few sentences. If the normal summary is short already, this is unnecessary.


Summary of the page goes here. *Markdown* is okay!

This is the summary shown by default. It should work for most readers. Keep it to one or two paragraphs.

If this summary is not specified, Arbital will use the first paragraph instead.


Very technical summary. *Markdown* is okay!

Feel free to use domain specific jargon in this summary. Keep it to one or two paragraphs.

If the page has [3r voting enabled, and another page embed this one, this summary will be displayed. It should clearly state what is being voted on and how the correct answer will be decided.