A B-Class page is fairly com­pre­hen­sive, with good prose and struc­ture; but needs fur­ther work to reach the A-Class re­quire­ment for en­gag­ing, pro­fes­sional, in­tu­itive ex­pla­na­tions, checked by ask­ing for de­tailed feed­back from both the tar­get au­di­ence and re­view­ers.

B-Class pages are:

  1. Com­pre­hen­sive, cov­er­ing all ma­jor ar­eas of the topic with­out sig­nifi­cant omis­sions or in­ac­cu­ra­cies.

  2. Fairly well-writ­ten and in line with the style guidelines.

  3. Rea­son­ably well-or­ga­nized, with similar con­cepts grouped to­gether and rea­son­able sec­tion or­der­ing.

  4. Aimed at an au­di­ence, with a level of tech­ni­cal­ity, jar­gon, and no­ta­tion ap­pro­pri­ate for them.

  5. Good for peo­ple wish­ing to learn the topic (well-ex­plained, us­ing ex­am­ples, links, and vi­sual aids as ap­pro­pri­ate).

  6. Well-sum­ma­rized, in ways ap­pro­pri­ate for the most likely au­di­ences.

This tag should only be added by re­view­ers. To re­quest a re­view ask on Ar­bital Slack or pro­pose a page for B-Class.

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