A B-Class page is fairly comprehensive, with good prose and structure; but needs further work to reach the A-Class requirement for engaging, professional, intuitive explanations, checked by asking for detailed feedback from both the target audience and reviewers.

B-Class pages are:

  1. Comprehensive, covering all major areas of the topic without significant omissions or inaccuracies.

  2. Fairly well-written and in line with the style guidelines.

  3. Reasonably well-organized, with similar concepts grouped together and reasonable section ordering.

  4. Aimed at an audience, with a level of technicality, jargon, and notation appropriate for them.

  5. Good for people wishing to learn the topic (well-explained, using examples, links, and visual aids as appropriate).

  6. Well-summarized, in ways appropriate for the most likely audiences.

This tag should only be added by reviewers. To request a review ask on Arbital Slack or propose a page for B-Class.

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