Meta tags which request an edit to the page

If a page is tagged by a child of this page, then that page should be im­proved by edit­ing.


  • Out of date

    Meta tag used when the page has a lot of in­for­ma­tion that’s obsolete

  • Too long

    Meta tag used to in­di­cate that this page is too long by Ar­bital’s stan­dards.

  • Start

    This page gives a ba­sic overview of the topic, but may be miss­ing im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion or have stylis­tic is­sues. If you’re able to, please help ex­pand or im­prove it!

  • Needs lenses

    This page has only a tech­ni­cal in­tro­duc­tion. If you’re able to, please help by adding an in­tu­itive ex­pla­na­tion!

  • Needs summary

    This page does not have a sum­mary which pro­vides an in­for­ma­tive overview of the page’s pri­mary topic.

  • Needs image

    Meta tag for pages which would be im­proved by hav­ing images

  • Needs exercises

    Add this tag to a page which doesn’t have enough ex­er­cises.

  • Needs technical summary

    Meta tag for pages which need a tech­ni­cal sum­mary.

  • Needs clickbait

    This page does not have click­bait (a short teaser for the page dis­played on var­i­ous lists). Feel free to add it!

  • Unassessed

    This page’s qual­ity has not been as­sessed.

  • Needs alias

    This page needs a cus­tom alias for the url.

  • Needs parent

    This page is not at­tached to an ap­pro­pri­ate par­ent page. If you know where it should go, please help cat­e­go­rize it!

  • Needs accessible summary

    This page needs a sum­mary for a less tech­ni­cal au­di­ence.

  • Formatting issues

    This page has for­mat­ting or math­jax is­sues.

  • Needs splitting by mastery

    This page seems to serve mul­ti­ple differ­ent mas­tery lev­els, and may benefit from be­ing split into sep­a­rate lenses.

  • Needs examples

    This page would benefit from more ex­am­ples of the con­cept it teaches.

  • Needs links

    This page could do with more green­links.

  • Image requested

    An ed­i­tor has re­quested an image for this page.

  • Seed

    Seeds are out­lines of pages. They’re not much use for read­ers, but can help au­thors.

  • Stub

    This page only gives a very brief overview of the topic. If you’re able to, please help ex­pand or im­prove it!


  • Meta tags

    What are meta tags and when to use them?