Needs exercises

One way the user can make sure they’ve un­der­stood the ma­te­rial is to do ex­er­cises. They should usu­ally be on their own lens, as ad­di­tional “home­work prob­lems” that users can solve to get more prac­tice. They can also be em­bed­ded in the ex­pla­na­tion pages, so the user can solve them as they are learn­ing, es­pe­cially on path pages where the reader has asked for ex­er­cises.

Many pages could be im­proved by adding ex­er­cises, but pri­or­ity should be given to:

  • Pages which don’t cur­rently have ex­er­cises.

  • Pages which have a full ex­pla­na­tion of a con­cept (rather than just defie­n­i­tions).

  • Pages which are a req­ui­site that many other con­cepts rely on.

  • Pages which are mostly self-con­tained, rather than overviews of a large and mul­ti­faceted con­cept (ex­er­cises should go with child pages ex­plain­ing the subtopics).