Arbital proposed project

Once the editors who are setting up a project think the outline is ready, they apply the proposed project tag. An Arbiter will review the proposal, checking that it is:

  • Supported by editors—Is something that active editors (or people it’s reasonable to think will become active editors) want to create.

  • Finishable—Is not be open-ended or disproportionately large (compared to the amount of editor support).

  • Well-formed—Has all required parts (list of links, intro paragraph), is reasonably well written, etc

  • In-scope—Within Arbital’s scope.

And checking if there are currently too many featured projects (putting it in a queue if there are).

Proposed projects are listed as children of this page.



  • Arbital projects

    Arbital projects are small-scale drives to fill in areas of content.