Arbital proposed project

Once the ed­i­tors who are set­ting up a pro­ject think the out­line is ready, they ap­ply the pro­posed pro­ject tag. An Ar­biter will re­view the pro­posal, check­ing that it is:

  • Sup­ported by ed­i­tors—Is some­thing that ac­tive ed­i­tors (or peo­ple it’s rea­son­able to think will be­come ac­tive ed­i­tors) want to cre­ate.

  • Finish­able—Is not be open-ended or dis­pro­por­tionately large (com­pared to the amount of ed­i­tor sup­port).

  • Well-formed—Has all re­quired parts (list of links, in­tro para­graph), is rea­son­ably well writ­ten, etc

  • In-scope—Within Ar­bital’s scope.

And check­ing if there are cur­rently too many fea­tured pro­jects (putting it in a queue if there are).

Pro­posed pro­jects are listed as chil­dren of this page.



  • Arbital projects

    Ar­bital pro­jects are small-scale drives to fill in ar­eas of con­tent.