Arbital arbiter

Ar­biters provide over­sight and dis­pute re­s­olu­tion to an Ar­bital do­main. They have a strong grasp of the rea­sons for core poli­cies and pro­cesses, can make judge­ment calls about policy and stan­dards, and are aware that it’s usu­ally best to col­lect al­ter­nate opinions be­fore act­ing.

Ar­biters are in charge of se­lect­ing and on-board­ing new re­view­ers. They also make de­ci­sions about pro­mot­ing pages to A or B-Class.


  • Arbital user groups

    Users can at­tain differ­ent pow­ers and re­spon­si­bil­ities on Ar­bital.