Arbital projects

Ar­bital pro­jects are a way of bring­ing ed­i­tors to­gether to build up a spe­cific lo­cal area of con­tent. They’re a good place to look if you’re not sure what you want to write. There’ll be lots of page out­lines and other ed­i­tors will be ac­tive on the topic to give feed­back (but don’t feel re­stricted, you’re of course wel­come to write any­thing within Ar­bital’s scope).

Stages of a project


The first stage is to define the pro­ject’s scope. This in­cludes writ­ing an in­tro para­graph de­scribing what a reader will be able to get from it when it’s com­plete, cre­at­ing a list of links to pages which will be in­cluded, and cre­at­ing brief de­scrip­tions of any pages which are not clearly un­der­stand­able from their ti­tles.


Once the ed­i­tors who are set­ting up a pro­ject think the out­line is ready, they ap­ply the pro­posed pro­ject tag. An Ar­biter will re­view the pro­posal, check­ing that it is:

  • Sup­ported by ed­i­tors—Is some­thing that ac­tive ed­i­tors (or peo­ple it’s rea­son­able to think will be­come ac­tive ed­i­tors) want to cre­ate.

  • Finish­able—Is not be open-ended or dis­pro­por­tionately large (com­pared to the amount of ed­i­tor sup­port).

  • Well-formed—Has all re­quired parts (list of links, in­tro para­graph), is rea­son­ably well writ­ten, etc

  • In-scope—Within Ar­bital’s scope.

And check­ing if there are cur­rently too many fea­tured pro­jects (putting it in a queue if there are).

Fea­tured pro­jects are ac­tive, cur­rently pro­moted pro­jects.

At the same time as the pro­ject is moved to fea­tured and in­cluded on the home page, the Ar­biter will se­lect one or more pro­ject stew­ards look af­ter it. noteTh­ese will gen­er­ally be ed­i­tors who helped out­line and dis­cuss the pro­posal who

• Know the sub­ject mat­ter well
• Have a good track record of con­tri­bu­tion and ac­tivity
• Have shown good col­lab­o­ra­tion and peo­ple skills (par­tic­u­larly abil­ity take on feed­back and re­solve dis­agree­ment in a pro­duc­tive and rea­son­able man­ner)


On­go­ing pro­jects are fea­tured pro­jects which have slowed down and are no longer pro­moted as heav­ily. Pro­jects may be moved back to fea­tured (usu­ally at the re­quest of ed­i­tors) if ac­tivity picks up.


Com­pleted pro­jects have cre­ated all the con­tent in their origi­nal out­line, and brought it the aimed qual­ity level. Th­ese new patches of con­tent are now ready to be shared as fea­tured on Ar­bital’s home page and with the world, con­fi­dent that read­ers can now ar­rive and learn about that topic.

Pages in com­pleted pro­jects are nei­ther perfect nor static, and fur­ther im­prove­ments are always wel­come.