Bayes' rule examples

This page and its tabs store exemplar problems for Bayes’ rule. You can suggest additional example problems by leaving a comment on the appropriate tab.

Problem types by tab:

  • Introductory. Meant as a small set of problems for people who haven’t heard of Bayes’ rule before, with examples that will be discussed in the introductory pages for Bayes’ rule.

  • Homework. Problems for people who already know Bayes’ rule and want to test their grasp of it in straightforward ways.

  • Clever. Problems for people who wish to be mathematically entertained, or that exhibit some surprising facet or gotcha of Bayes’ rule.

  • Realistic. Instances of Bayesian reasoning that have arisen in real life.



  • Bayes' rule

    Bayes’ rule is the core theorem of probability theory saying how to revise our beliefs when we make a new observation.