Arbital requisites

A req­ui­site is the unit of knowl­edge in Ar­bital. Any page can be used as a req­ui­site. When it is, it’ll have ad­di­tional per-user state as­so­ci­ated with it: “not known”, “known”, and “wanted.” By de­fault, all new users’ req­ui­sites are in the “not known” state.

Req­ui­sites are most of­ten used when a page re­quires prior un­der­stand­ing of some topic or when a page teaches some topic. Ar­bital uses these con­nec­tions to cre­ate dy­namic paths that are tai­lored to each user. As the user goes through the path, they ac­quire the req­ui­sites that each page teaches them.

The “wanted” state is used to track the req­ui­sites the user is in­ter­ested in. Usu­ally this is done by us­ing ques­tion­naires. This al­lows fur­ther fine-tun­ing of the gen­er­ated path.

To see the full list of all req­ui­sites you’ve in­ter­acted with, visit your req­ui­sites page.