Easier, better, faster, brighter

Happy 2016 to everyone! (It’s not too late to say that, right?) Here are the latest developments, updates, features, and improvements for Arbital:

Community input: the cool thing about Abital is that you can talk about Arbital on Arbital (while you Arbital). There is now an official page for you to suggest what improvements or changes you’d like. Have at it!

Page summaries: pages can now have multiple summaries.

Quick feedback: you can now quickly give feedback directly to the Arbital’s team. Use the Feedback button in the Quick Menu.

Color update: multiple people said our original color sheme was too dreary. We agreed! Now it’s brighter and more in line with the Google Material style.

Keyboard shortcuts: all actions under the Quick Menu now have shortcuts. You can also create inline comments with ALT+CTRL+M.

Bug fixes and UI improvements: too many to list here, but big thanks to @32, @40, @1cs, and @1p for their helpful and thorough feedback!


The reception of the private launch in December has been very positive. Expect more content in AI alignment from Machine Intelligence Research Institute as Arbital rapidly becomes the best website for learning and discussing AI safety.

Welcome to the newest group, Effective altruism outreach, who will help us get more EA content as we enter that arena as well.

Looking forward


Requirements currently work, but not as well as we want them to. Expect to see an overhaul in that area by end of the month.

Public launch

Currenly we are planning to have Arbital ready for a public launch by end of Q1. At that time we’ll open up the platform to all groups, communities, and individuals for mostly any kind of content. We will have the necessary features and adjustments in place to make sure that the communities don’t interfere with each other, but can still collaborate.

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