Arbital community input

We want to hear what read­ers and ed­i­tors have to say! Many great sug­ges­tions and fu­ture fea­tures have come from the com­mu­nity. This is the place for you to speak your mind about what you want to see from Ar­bital. Any­thing goes: fea­ture re­quests, policy sug­ges­tions, UI changes, strat­egy ad­vice, etc…

Recom­mended use: cre­ate a com­ment or child page.

Another way to sub­mit feed­back is pri­vately through the Feed­back but­ton in the Quick Menu, or to visit #fea­tures on the Ar­bital Slack.



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    Ar­bital is the place for crowd­sourced, in­tu­itive math ex­pla­na­tions.