Only real peo­ple should go in this cat­e­gory, no fic­tional char­ac­ters.

Cur­rent Ar­bital policy states that no un­flat­ter­ing facts may be listed about liv­ing or re­cently liv­ing hu­man be­ings, since Ar­bital cur­rently has no pro­cess in place for de­cid­ing when it’s okay to cite suffi­ciently ver­ified facts on a per­son’s page that this per­son would pre­fer not to be listed. As an ex­cep­tion to this rule, link­ing to a per­son’s Wikipe­dia page is ac­cept­able (even though Wikipe­dia’s pro­cess here ain’t that great ei­ther), and this is how you should han­dle it if you need to cite rele­vant facts about e.g. Vladimir Putin.

Ar­bital has no no­ta­bil­ity policy, but dur­ing this stage we pre­fer to add list­ings for peo­ple only as facts about those peo­ple be­come nat­u­rally rele­vant to other Ar­bital ar­ti­cles.


  • Nick Bostrom

    Nick Bostrom, se­cretly the in­ven­tor of Friendly AI