Math 2

Do you work with math on a fairly rou­tine ba­sis? Do you have lit­tle trou­ble grasp­ing new math­e­mat­i­cal ideas that use lan­guage you already know? Hav­ing this req­ui­site would be typ­i­cal of a com­puter pro­gram­mer, a phys­i­cal en­g­ineer, or some­one else who rou­tinely works with math­e­mat­i­cally-struc­tured ideas. At this level, you start to see LaTeX for­mu­las in pass­ing, but they’ll have ex­pla­na­tions at­tached.



  • Mathematics

    Math­e­mat­ics is the study of num­bers and other ideal ob­jects that can be de­scribed by ax­ioms.