Link glossary pages for overloaded words

If your sub­ject is us­ing what sound like or­di­nary-lan­guage words in a spe­cial sense, cre­ate a glos­sary page for that word which some­body can use to quickly un­der­stand what spe­cial mean­ing that word has in­side your sub­ject.

For ex­am­ple, since ‘en­ergy’ sounds like it could have an or­di­nary mean­ing, the page on ‘en­ergy (physics)’ should be writ­ten to be friendly to some­one who’s com­ing in won­der­ing “What does ‘en­ergy’ mean in this con­text?”

On the other hand, a cap­i­tal­ized law like Con­ser­va­tion of En­ergy is clearly a par­tic­u­lar spe­cial thing. It still needs its own linked page, but no spe­cial ad­di­tional care needs to be taken to en­sure that no­body mis­takes the tech­ni­cal Con­ser­va­tion of En­ergy for the col­lo­quial Con­ser­va­tion of En­ergy, since there is no col­lo­quial mean­ing.


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