William Frankena's list of terminal values

“Life, con­scious­ness, and ac­tivity; health and strength; plea­sures and satis­fac­tions of all or cer­tain kinds; hap­piness, beat­i­tude, con­tent­ment, etc.; truth; knowl­edge and true opinions of var­i­ous kinds, un­der­stand­ing, wis­dom; beauty, har­mony, pro­por­tion in ob­jects con­tem­plated; aes­thetic ex­pe­rience; morally good dis­po­si­tions or virtues; mu­tual af­fec­tion, love, friend­ship, co­op­er­a­tion; just dis­tri­bu­tion of goods and evils; har­mony and pro­por­tion in one’s own life; power and ex­pe­riences of achieve­ment; self-ex­pres­sion; free­dom; peace, se­cu­rity; ad­ven­ture and nov­elty; and good rep­u­ta­tion, honor, es­teem, etc.”—William Frankena’s list of things val­ued in them­selves rather than only for their fur­ther con­se­quences.


  • Value

    The word ‘value’ in the phrase ‘value al­ign­ment’ is a meta­syn­tac­tic vari­able that in­di­cates the speaker’s fu­ture goals for in­tel­li­gent life.