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Here are a few of the best pages on Arbital, selected by our editors.

Bayes’ rule: Guide

A customizable multi-page exploration of one of the core concepts behind good reasoning.


An extended exploration of logarithms and their various uses.


An engaging explanation of derivatives, suitable for almost everyone.

Uncountability: Intuitive Intro

A graphical explanation uncountability, with alternate lenses for people with different mathematical backgrounds.

Partially ordered set

Posets and tightly related concepts pitched for a technical audience, with exercises and examples.

Rice’s Theorem

An explanation of Rice’s Theorem and its implications, with a lens that explores the connection between the theorem and the halting problem.

Category theory

Various pages on Category Theory, exploring how concepts from different domains of mathematics share the same underlying structure.


A handy disambiguation page between the four different things people sometimes mean when they say “bit”.


  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is the study of numbers and other ideal objects that can be described by axioms.