Category of finite sets

This page is more of a defi­ni­tion page; it’s not re­ally in­tended to ex­plain any­thing, be­cause all the nec­es­sary ex­pla­na­tions should already have been done in finite_set.

The cat­e­gory of finite sets is a nice easy cat­e­gory to work in. Its ob­jects are the finite sets, and its ar­rows are the func­tions be­tween the finite sets.This makes it a very con­crete and un­der­stand­able cat­e­gory to pre­sent some of the ba­sic ideas of cat­e­gory the­ory.

give ex­am­ple ob­jects and arrows

it has all finite limits and colimits

men­tion that it is a full sub­cat­e­gory of Set


  • Category theory

    How math­e­mat­i­cal ob­jects are re­lated to oth­ers in the same cat­e­gory.

  • Finite set

    A finite set is one which is not in­finite. Some of these are the least com­pli­cated sets.