Finishing your Bayesian path on Arbital

This is currently marking “Bayes’ rule: proof” as a requisite. It shouldn’t. It should just mark “technical understanding of Bayes’ rule” as a requisite, and arbital should figure out that it needs to work a proof in there.

You’ve now reached the end of whatever you asked the Bayes’ rule guide to explain to you!

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!knows-requisite(Path: Insights from Bayesian updating): If you’d like to keep reading about Bayesian reasoning here on Arbital, there’s a couple of less polished pages on real-world insights derived from Bayes’ rule — click here to start on a path to learn them.

You might also be interested in reading this explanation of Arbital’s goals.

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  • Bayesian reasoning

    A probability-theory-based view of the world; a coherent way of changing probabilistic beliefs based on evidence.