Finishing your Bayesian path on Arbital

This is cur­rently mark­ing “Bayes’ rule: proof” as a req­ui­site. It shouldn’t. It should just mark “tech­ni­cal un­der­stand­ing of Bayes’ rule” as a req­ui­site, and ar­bital should figure out that it needs to work a proof in there.

You’ve now reached the end of what­ever you asked the Bayes’ rule guide to ex­plain to you!

If you’d like to join in and help cre­ate more math con­tent like this, we’d love to have you!

!knows-req­ui­site(Path: In­sights from Bayesian up­dat­ing): If you’d like to keep read­ing about Bayesian rea­son­ing here on Ar­bital, there’s a cou­ple of less pol­ished pages on real-world in­sights de­rived from Bayes’ rule — click here to start on a path to learn them.

You might also be in­ter­ested in read­ing this ex­pla­na­tion of Ar­bital’s goals.

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  • Bayesian reasoning

    A prob­a­bil­ity-the­ory-based view of the world; a co­her­ent way of chang­ing prob­a­bil­is­tic be­liefs based on ev­i­dence.