Arbital practices

How can you en­gage with the other hu­mans on Ar­bital in a way which causes good things to hap­pen and min­i­mizes prob­lems?

This page col­lects widely en­dorsed norms, rules, and heuris­tics for dis­cussing, de­bat­ing, edit­ing, and oth­er­wise in­ter­act­ing with other peo­ple on Ar­bital. Pro­posed changes & ad­di­tions are mostly held on child pages, but may in some cases ap­pear in the com­ments of this page.




  • Arbital: Do what works

    When de­cid­ing things on Ar­bital, think about the real goals, and move to­wards them.


  • Arbital

    Ar­bital is the place for crowd­sourced, in­tu­itive math ex­pla­na­tions.