Lancelot Verinia

I’m a Nige­rian male (birth­day 1998). I am het­ero­sex­ual and a ra­tio­nal­ist. I am a se­vere nar­cis­sist and con­sis­tently over­con­fi­dent (a flaw I’m work­ing to miti­gate). I’m a tran­shu­man­ist.

As for am­bi­tion, I want to solve AI.

I’m in love with ab­strac­tion.

This is my blog, but I think I’ll keep a copy of all my qual­ity con­tent here on ar­bital.

I am very ac­tive on dis­cord, and check my dis­cord no­tifi­ca­tions a few times daily. If you want to get in con­tact with me, dis­cord is your best bet. Other places you can find me: