Submitting a page to a domain

Every logged in user can cre­ate a page on Ar­bital, but un­less you are already a trusted in a do­main, you have to sub­mit the page for ap­proval be­fore it ap­pears in the do­main. This way a page can be re­viewed by ex­pe­rienced au­thors be­fore it’s visi­ble to the gen­eral pub­lic.

The pro­cess for sub­mit­ting a page is sim­ple:

  1. Create a new page.

  2. Pub­lish it. (The page is now un­listed.)

  3. Click “sub­mit to math do­main” but­ton.

  4. One of the re­view­ers will take a look. If the page can looks use­ful, they’ll leave a com­ment. Other­wise, they’ll ap­prove the page.

  5. Once you’ve sub­mit­ted enough high qual­ity pages, you’ll be­come a mem­ber of the do­main, and will be able to skip this ap­proval pro­cess.