Some men just want to watch the world learn

@2 has recently made the first public announcement about Arbital. We are showcasing his explanation of the Bayes’ Theorem. Check it out and let us know what you think. Arbital as it stands right now is geared up to help the world learn.

Announcement reception

The reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Our favorite quotes are: “I love this. Love love love.”, “This was amazing. I’ve never been good at Bayes’ Rule, even after doing a maths course that included it. I feel like I understand now.”, and “This is How Things Should Be”.

Thanks to everyone who answered the quick survey at the end. Quick summary of the responses:

  • Do you want to learn other topics in a similar way? Yes: 77%.

  • Would you link this guide to a friend who wanted to learn about Bayes’s Rule? Definitely: 45%, probably: 45%.

  • By the end of it, did you understand Arbital’s core features? Yeah: 62%, no: 15%. (Definitely a lot of room for improvement here.)

  • Overall how was your experience with Arbital? Great: 42%, good: 42%. (Sounds like most people translated this question to the same thing as the “if you’d share with a friend” question.)


Here are some of the things we’ve been working on:

Dynamically generated path: obviously!

Requisites page: you can now see and change all the requisites you’ve ever interacted with.

Page contributors: pages now show a list of people who have contributed.

HTTPS everywhere: keeping up with the current times, we are using SSL to encrypt all traffic to and from Arbital for your protection.

Instant comments: when you create comments, they now instantly appear on the page without a reload.

Editor only comments: when writing a new comment, you can choose to make it visible only to the editors of the page. Others can still see them if they choose to, but they are hidden by default.

Bug fixes and UI improvements: too many to list here, but big thanks to everyone who have submitted a bug report!


Shout out to @1yq for taking full advantage of our community input page.

As part of our community section, we’ll start picking a recently created page that we want to highlight. Obviously, this time around it’s Bayes’ rule: Guide. If you haven’t looked at it yet, do so now. That page shows off what Arbital is capable of.

Looking forward

Math domain

In addition to value alignment, we are adding mathematics as one of our officially supported domains. Help us out and create some good content!

Public launch

This is not our official launch per-se. Like we mentioned in the previous blog post, that will come towards the end of April. At that time we’ll open up the platform to more groups, communities, and individuals for more varied kind of content. We will have the necessary features and adjustments in place to make sure that the communities don’t interfere with each other, but can still collaborate.

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