Whole number

A whole num­ber is an in­tu­itive con­cept of a num­ber that is not frac­tional. There are three differ­ent defi­ni­tions of the whole num­bers, whose us­age de­pends heav­ily on the au­thor:

  1. The nat­u­ral num­bers.

  2. The nat­u­ral num­bers and zero (in defi­ni­tions of the num­ber sets where the nat­u­ral num­bers do not con­tain zero).

  3. The in­te­gers.

The set of whole num­bers, when it is sep­a­rate from the nat­u­ral num­bers and the in­te­gers, is usu­ally no­tated as ei­ther \(\mathbb{N}^0\) or \(\mathbb{W}\).

This page is a dis­am­bigua­tion page for three differ­ent defi­ni­tions.


  • Number

    An ab­stract ob­ject that ex­presses quan­tity or value of some sort.