Square root


When you try to get the area of a square noteA shape where all sides are equal and know the length of a side noteOther­wise known as its root you mul­ti­ply the length of one side by it­self or square it.

area of square

What if you don’t know the length of a side and in­stead only know the area of a square and want to get the length of a side? You would have to do some­thing to the area that trans­forms it in the op­po­site di­rec­tion that squar­ing the length of a side does. This is just like how plac­ing 2 ap­ples to a pile trans­forms a pile of ap­ples by in­creas­ing the amount of ap­ples and eat­ing 2 ap­ples trans­forms the pile back to the way it was. So in other words adding is to sub­tract­ing as squar­ing is to…. what?

Well this kind of trans­for­ma­tion is called a Square Root.


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