Math style guidelines

This is a list of style guidelines for math ex­pla­na­tions in par­tic­u­lar. We want to keep our no­ta­tion and ter­minol­ogy con­sis­tent across pages and au­thors.

For style guidelines that ap­ply to all of Ar­bital, see Style guidelines.


  • A word that is be­ing defined should be bolded; for ex­am­ple, “A bi­nary re­la­tion is a set of pairs.”

  • When us­ing set builder no­ta­tion use “\mid” for the ver­ti­cal line. For ex­am­ple, \(\{f(x) \mid x \in S\}\) should be writ­ten ${f(x) \mid x \in S}$, and not ${f(x) | x \in S}$ or ${f(x) : x \in S}$.

  • The nat­u­ral num­bers, by de­fault, in­clude \(0\). The set \(\{0,1,2,\dots\}\) should be de­noted \(\mathbb N\), and \(\{1,2,\dots\}\) should be \(\mathbb N^+\). To re­fer to \(\mathbb N^+\) in text, use “pos­i­tive in­te­gers.”


  • Style guidelines

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