Math style guidelines

This is a list of style guidelines for math explanations in particular. We want to keep our notation and terminology consistent across pages and authors.

For style guidelines that apply to all of Arbital, see Style guidelines.


  • A word that is being defined should be bolded; for example, “A binary relation is a set of pairs.”

  • When using set builder notation use “\mid” for the vertical line. For example, \(\{f(x) \mid x \in S\}\) should be written ${f(x) \mid x \in S}$, and not ${f(x) | x \in S}$ or ${f(x) : x \in S}$.

  • The natural numbers, by default, include \(0\). The set \(\{0,1,2,\dots\}\) should be denoted \(\mathbb N\), and \(\{1,2,\dots\}\) should be \(\mathbb N^+\). To refer to \(\mathbb N^+\) in text, use “positive integers.”