Digit wheel

A me­chan­i­cal de­vice for stor­ing a num­ber from 0 to 9. De­vices such as these were of­ten at­tached to the desks of en­g­ineers, as part of his­tor­i­cal “desk­top com­put­ers.”

Each wheel can sta­bly rest in any one of ten states. Digit wheels are of­ten use­ful when it comes to think­ing about how much data a phys­i­cal ob­ject can store, as they were phys­i­cal ob­jects that were clearly de­signed for stor­ing data. See also Data ca­pac­ity.


  • Mathematics

    Math­e­mat­ics is the study of num­bers and other ideal ob­jects that can be de­scribed by ax­ioms.