Arbital external resources

When read­ers are ex­plor­ing a topic on Ar­bital, we’d love to also be able to point them to high-qual­ity ex­ter­nal re­sources where they can learn more, or look at things from an­other an­gle. Gen­er­ally, these links should go in an Ex­ter­nal re­sources lens, con­nected to an ex­ist­ing main page (don’t cre­ate a new stan­dalone page just for links to re­sources, un­less there’s already a main page with a good sum­mary ex­pla­na­tion of the con­cept—we want to make sure users who hover over a green­link to the page will see a good sum­mary).

Write guidelines.



Good sources of ex­ter­nal re­sources for math in­clude: