Arbital content license

Ar­bital’s con­tent is li­censed us­ing At­tri­bu­tion 3.0 Un­ported (CC BY 3.0) with at­tri­bu­tion re­quired. This is the same li­cense used by many other web­sites with com­mu­nity-cre­ated con­tent, such as Wikipe­dia and Stack­Ex­change, so you are free to copy con­tent be­tween the sites, as long as you:

  1. Vi­su­ally in­di­cate where the con­tent origi­nally comes from.

  2. Hyper­link di­rectly to the origi­nal con­tent page.


  • Arbital

    Ar­bital is the place for crowd­sourced, in­tu­itive math ex­pla­na­tions.