Arbital groups

A group is a col­lec­tion of users and groups. They are used to con­trol who can see, act, or edit a page.

There are es­sen­tially three kinds of groups:
Per­sonal group: this is a group that’s au­to­mat­i­cally gen­er­ated for each user. Typ­i­cally its alias is based on the user’s name: “First­name_Last­name”.
Cus­tom group: this is a man­u­ally cre­ated group where the group’s ad­mins can con­trol who be­longs to the group and what ac­tions they can perform.
Every­one: this is a group that ev­ery­one be­longs to.

To see what groups you be­long to, visit the Your Groups page.

Creat­ing a new cus­tom group

Right now there is no way to cre­ate a new cus­tom group your­self. Please ask one of the Ar­bital ad­mins to do it for you.

Manag­ing a cus­tom group

Each mem­ber of a group can perform cer­tain ac­tions:

  • Can change what ac­tions a user can perform

  • Can add/​re­move users