GalCom: Rules

  1. It costs 1 gal­coin per bit to re­serve on-peak bits in ad­vance. (Gal­coins are very ex­pen­sive.)

  2. You can re­pro­gram your ma­chine on Vega in ad­vance, us­ing slow, off-peak bits. The costs of re­pro­gram­ming your ma­chine on Vega to make more effi­cient use of the on-peak bits are in­con­se­quen­tial com­pared to the gains when you send on-peak bits, that is, you don’t need to worry about the cost of re­pro­gram­ming your ma­chine.

  3. If you wind up not need­ing all the on-peak bits that you re­served, you can re­sell the bits you did not use (as­sum­ing your com­puter on Vega uses the ap­pro­pri­ate pro­to­cols, which is the sort of thing you can set up in ad­vance).

  4. The mar­ket for bits is very, very com­pet­i­tive; you are al­lowed to re­sell frac­tional bits (in­clud­ing trits, decits, and so on).

  5. You make your liv­ing by send­ing lots and lots of data, and your prof­its de­pend on your effi­ciency. Due to the vol­ume of in­for­ma­tion you trans­mit, you are risk-neu­tral in the cost of bits, and thus, very small de­creases in the ex­pected cost of trans­mit­ting a mes­sage are worth quite a bit of money to you.