Arbital editor buttons

From left to right:

  • Snap­shot: saves the cur­rent page text, so you can use it later.

  • Bold: makes the text bold.

  • Ital­ics: makes the text italic.

  • Hyper­link: in­sert a nor­mal link.

  • In­tr­a­site link: in­sert a green­link to an Ar­bital page. This also al­lows you to search for ex­ist­ing pages and ali­ases.

  • @Men­tion: in­sert a green­link to a user’s page. The user will be no­tified. Ex­am­ple: @1

  • New page: cre­ate a new page in a popup with­out leav­ing your cur­rent area.

  • Block­quote: adds block­quote to a text.


  • Pre­for­mat­ted: for­mats the text us­ing monospaced font. Use­ful for typ­ing code. Also all Mark­down in­side the pre­for­mat­ted sec­tion is ig­nored.

  • Image: in­serts an image. enter image description here

  • Ar­bital ex­ten­sion: a menu for Ar­bital-spe­cific Mark­down ex­ten­sions.

  • Num­bered list: in­serts a num­bered list.

  1. Num­bered list.

  • Bul­let list: in­serts a bul­let list. (Like the one you are read­ing right now.)

  • Head­ing: in­serts a header.

Header example

  • Line: in­serts a hori­zon­tal line.

  • Undo: un­does the last ac­tion.

  • Redo: un­does the undo.

Depend­ing on your screen size, some of the but­tons might be hid­den.