Arbital editor buttons

From left to right:

  • Snapshot: saves the current page text, so you can use it later.

  • Bold: makes the text bold.

  • Italics: makes the text italic.

  • Hyperlink: insert a normal link.

  • Intrasite link: insert a greenlink to an Arbital page. This also allows you to search for existing pages and aliases.

  • @Mention: insert a greenlink to a user’s page. The user will be notified. Example: @1

  • New page: create a new page in a popup without leaving your current area.

  • Blockquote: adds blockquote to a text.


  • Preformatted: formats the text using monospaced font. Useful for typing code. Also all Markdown inside the preformatted section is ignored.

  • Image: inserts an image.

    enter image description here

  • Arbital extension: a menu for Arbital-specific Markdown extensions.

  • Numbered list: inserts a numbered list.

  1. Numbered list.

  • Bullet list: inserts a bullet list. (Like the one you are reading right now.)

  • Heading: inserts a header.

Header example

  • Line: inserts a horizontal line.

  • Undo: undoes the last action.

  • Redo: undoes the undo.

Depending on your screen size, some of the buttons might be hidden.